H1b Visa Dropbox Appointment

H1b Visa Dropbox AppointmentApplicants under 14 years of age or over 80 years of age from the date of submission are not required to appear for a nonimmigrant visa interview at any Embassy/Consulate in India. Applicants under age 14 or age 80 and over. Visa Re-validation and H1 Status. You have to fill form DS-160 and schedule an H1B visa interview appointment with the US embassy to get H1B stamping in India. I have booked my appointment for VAC & Interview as below. You should not be sending your passport with someone else. Contact USA Visa Application Centers in India. You will not be permitted to enter the facility before the. Got the dropbox appointment on 2nd Jul’21 for 16th Jul’21. The first sheet will will the details, Appointment details, Support delivery or. Now my question is does everyone has to go to submit the documents or only the primary applicant can submit the docs. As of July 29, 2023, the log in, profile, and appointment scheduling pages for US visas have a new look and URL. Registered and Create profile on New Portal for Primary H1b. The pilot program applies to qualified H-1B visa holders, a category that allows more than 85,000 highly skilled foreigners to come to the U. I filled DS-160 and booked appointment in HYD and I'm eligible for Dropbox, so I blocked an appointment for 9/9/2019 and dropped my doc on 9/9 (monday) they only asked my current and present petition (I-797), DS-160 confirmation, Passport and Photos that it 2. My H1B visa expired in September’2019. Visa Dropbox Eligibility Extended to 48 Months with No End Date. Hi, At the time of filling application for the Visa Appointment, I added my spouse as a family member for whom I am applying H4 visa along with my H1B visa. I recently got an admit to the same university for a PhD program and am planning to go to India in sometime to re-stamp the F1 visa. I’m going to ask them to sponsor a h1b for the first time since the firm started in 2000. I’ve a few questions: Anyone else has had success booking an appointment in any consulate for F… I’ve been checking the CGI website almost daily but i see no new openings esp in Delhi consulate for dropbox. October 11th : Case was refused got the 221g white slip without any documents ticked and called for interview on November 7th. After documents dropoff, for a couple of days I was checking my. This list is the minimum of important H-1B documents that you will need to submit to stamp your H-1B visa in 2023: Appointment schedule letter; DS-160 barcode confirmation; …. (Emergency appointments are taking approximately 20-30 days wait time). Fill DS-160 form – Start filling up DS-160 form here. Interview waived off because of having valid B1 VISA. But H4 i-797A has a … read more. Eligibility criteria include obtaining a visa after January 1, 2008, renewing in the same …. Ensure that you have compiled the required documentation, including photos and fee for your visa category. The platform supports many US visa types like Student Visa (F-1), Employment Visa (H-1B), …. In situations when the passport is stamped without having to attend an in-person interview, is called Dropbox stamping. We got VISA dropbox slot in Mumbai. COLUMBIA Visa Stamping with Renewal, aka Dropbox – Show. Here are the steps to check US nonimmigrant/ immigrant visa status online: Step 1: Log in to CEAC Visa Status Check portal to know the current status of your visa application. Universal, dependents on dependents visas quieter have to attend the in-person interview. People will be removed whoever posts any messages other than slots and will not be added back. Please keep your payment receipt. Applicants must schedule an appointment for that interview, either online or through the call center. Hi All, I am a Canadian Permanent resident, currently living in Canada. H1B Dropbox Die No Approved Situation. For nonimmigrant visas, you can go directly to the online application for the DS-160 ; or for immigrant visas, directly to the USCIS site for the relevant forms. H4 visa holders can work, get a driver’s license, open bank accounts, go to school, and be eligible for a Tax ID and social security number. Tomorrow, I’m going to bring up the visa issue for the first time. F1 visa Dropbox timeline/experience : r/f1visa. Embassy and Consulates in India will release more than 20,000 additional interview waiver (dropbox) appointments for Spring 2022 to allow qualified applicants to make use of the new interview waiver authority. US Visa Stampings (EA, Dropbox, Regular) India Community. H1B Dropbox Visa Stamping procedure – OnlineMacha. And the instructions page in the appointment confirmation should give. New i 797 extension approval valid from - aug 16th 2023 to 2026 I have travel plan to India in month of May 2023 and was able to schedule drop box appointment for May 4th 2023. Here goes my timeline: 04/25/2022 - Dropped off passport and other documents at nearest Canada Post asper instructions. My folks live in Dubai and I grew up also in Dubai. 07/04 – Dropbox appointment 08/04 – Application received 11/04 – Refused. Arrived by 7 am and left mobile at locker for rs 50… they allowed us at embassy by 07:45 am… all security checks completed with in 30 mins. H4 Dropbox Experience Hyderabad– Background Info. H1B primary uses dropbox and H4 dependent appears for the visa interview. H1B Visa Appointment Dropbox inquiry. You will get a cover letter and instructions on applying to Dropbox if you are qualified for Dropbox service. This video is divided into 4 sections: 1. This information, including your email address and phone number, must be valid and current. i saw " Child below 14 years of age must submit a photocopy of each parent’s passport biographic information page and valid U. If you are planning to travel to the United States for a nonimmigrant visa, you need to visit the portal of USTravelDocs, where you can find all the information and guidance you need to apply, schedule and prepare for your visa interview. Dec, 2021: My passport was expired and I renewed my passport. Processing time for visa application is usually 4/5 days. They said my photo was not up to mark and asked me to get a new photo and submit it by 3 PM. 18 Sep 2020 – Applied for Emergency Appointment. As per initial plan my wife was supposed to go alone and get the stamping, so she has already paid the fee and yet to schedule the appointment. Check green card status by sharing green card application details with other applicants. How is H-1B Dropbox interview? What documents to take for drop box appointment? In today’s video let’s discuss all about drop box visa appointment experience. Whenever they allow , they give very slots, it gets filled up soon. Follow the instructions below to schedule your. My spouse and son's H4 visa extension application are still under "Case was received" status; filed on 15-Mar-2021 finger print taken on 7-May. US Visa Status on CEAC Your before Documents Submission. Embassy and the Consulates are responsible for providing visa services to those seeking to enter the …. Embassy in Manila schedules hundreds of thousands of nonimmigrant visa appointments each year and must accommodate requests both for new appointments and for those applicants who need …. Dropbox experience Issued visa to edged case 47 month H1B visa, self written NIE on Employer later 25 Aug- Dropbox appointment at 10am They let me in 9:30 am it self with carry bag no electronic devices phone switched off One of the associates checked my docs and asked for nie as well. Embassy Singapore has limited visa appointment availability to maintain appropriate social distancing for the safety of our applicants and staff. Selected the "Interview Waiver" option. First time H1B visa stamping Dropbox required documents checklist. Click the tab for “Retrieve an Application. I (H1B) and my spouse (H4) are both eligible for Dropbox (In-Person Interview Waiver) as we had a valid visa till the end of 2020. am22tech_user January 24, 2021, 7:56pm 1. Taran_S January 9, 2023, 10:16pm #1. Checklist in the appointment confirmation document (for reference) Below is the list of documents submitted by me at the dropbox location. Unfortunately he received 221g letter to attend h1b visa interview. USA H1B RFE, H4, EAD, Green card questions & answers. It shows me that i am eligible for Dropbox but then it takes me to book an appointment and then it shows no appointments available followed by restarting the process for me. com portal to a new website, usvisascheduling. In my confirmation email, the visa category only mentioned h4 but both our DS160 information is available and each of us have our UID. My spouse and me are both on H-1B. 3-Step Dropbox Appointment Process For H4 Visa Holders. H1b Dropbox appointment : r/h1b. H1-B Registration End Date: March 18th, 2022. But students who submitted form for Mumbai and took visa appointments at Delhi have also got visas. My H1B extension is filed and hoping to approved soon. Later Dropbox appointment got updated. We were eligible for Dropbox (H1 + H4) 16-Feb – Dropbox appointment. This pamphlet informs you of your legal rights in the United States as a nonimmigrant visa holder in certain employment- and education-based categories. Read this post for step-by-step guide to applying Canadian visitor visa. Walk in to the drop box center with the required documents. I found many examples of NIE letter’s where people have stamped visa’s and they have applied NIE just for travel. Passport(s) - with all preexisting US visas 6. Appointment Location: HYD Drop-off location: HYD Visa: H1b (renewal) Mine: Date of drop-off : Nov 2 Application received/created: Nov 7 Approved: Nov 8 Issued: Nov 9 Passport status: Origination scan – Nov 10 Passport ready for …. You visa appointment date has nothing to do with the dates of your old and new I797. H1 approval is the authorization to work in the US, and a visa stamped on your passport is authorization to enter into the USA. What's New on US Visa Approval & Refusal Rates by Country and Visa; H1B Visa Tracker (FY 2024) US Visa Stamping Dropbox (Interview Waiver) Tracker; US Visa Emergency Appointment …. Is it okay to add a H1B holder as an additional family member while booking a new appointment from my cgifederal account?. Telegram Group Database - People will be removed whoever posts any messages other than slots and will not be added back. The current consular US Dollar exchange rate is 1 USD = ₹ 84. dbkamal (Kamal) January 13, 2022, 4:55am 1. You have to choose your preferred US embassy to take an appointment and then drop your documents at. But Now I'm qualified for Dropbox. May19th: drop box appointment, submitted documents. Do I need an appointment for Dropbox? Yes, in order to submit documents through DropBox, you need to make an appointment. Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai. If it is less than 30 days of submission of DS160, go back to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website page for the DS-160. Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox (Wife USA Citizen) Got my Dropbox visa approved. Asylum Seekers and NACARA Applicants. H1B visa - Drop box appointment in Chennai, India. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 10th to …. Either you are still in limbo or stuck in the endless…. To use US Visa DropBox, you must ensure that: You are renewing a visa of …. Choose your specific location by clicking below. H1B primary Form i797A or B (H1B approval notice) – Original is best. , appointment title, proposed dates of H-1B sponsorship, and salary); Return as one complete packet to International Scholars …. immigration law experience with cases just like yours. The document delivery service is called "DropBox. Schedule your interview at a U. gov, it tells me that it takes between …. Hello, My wife is travelling to India on 11/14/2021 and has her H4 dropbox visa appointment scheduled for 12/10/2021. Experience 16: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi. Dropbox Option for certain First-time Moment H1B Visa Entrants 3. Hello friends, Yesterday I went for H1B Dropbox appointment and dropped my documents and passport at Delhi Vac. My current H1B expired in july 2021. It took about 2 months and my visa was approved with "Clearance Received" on my visa stamp. This video is a complete guide on how to book visa appointment. Interview Waiver Appointments: Consular sections across India are now accepting a limited number of drop box applications for renewals of H, L, C1/D, O, I, F, M, and J visas at our Visa Application Centers. I held an F1 visa previously, which expired a while ago but haven’t travelled since then. B1, B2, or B1/B2 visas are non-immigrant visas. Me and my H4 dependents (wife, daughter - who is 2. HOW to Check US Visa Status Online? CEAC Site, Errors. Step by Step Guide to Apply for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment 5. H-4 Visa (I-539) H4 EAD (I-765) H-1B Visa (I-129) L2 Visa (I-539) By Service Center for All Visa Types New California Service Center Nebraska Service Center Texas Service Center Vermont Service Center National Benefits Center Potomac Service Center. Dropbox Visa Interview Waiver Experience & FAQs. Got a visa appointment for October 6 at Calgary Consulate. Last visa was issued in 2013 25th Feb: Reached Delhi 2nd March: Doc drop off in person 3rd March: Application Received. H1B, L1 by Head of Consulates (April 19, 2022). urgently, please make a regular appointment for the next available business day and then request an expedited appointment in any visa category for an earlier day. US Visa Stamping In Mexico by Venkat & Ernesto. I am planning for a trip to India and so filled DS-160 for myself (H1) and my dependent (H4). Embassies and Consulates General. For example, getting … Emergency Visa for …. If you are submitting or dropping off your documents at a location that does not have a US Consulate or US Embassy in the city, there will be a fee of Rupees 650 per applicant. Step 3 – Complete Visa Type, Personal details, H1B Petition Details, Dependents info. Dropbox dates blocked for 90 days after No Show. H1B + H4 Dropbox Experience. Apparently his application didn't make it to the embassy till 27th due to some protests and Republic day holiday. Background : Timelines for Dropbox Appointment, Interview : Applied for H1B Dropbox Stamping at Hyderabad location. Contact @H1B_H4_Visa_Dropbox_slots. I have scheduled an H1b and H4 visa dropbox appointment with my old petitioner (old Employer) at Jun 16th, 2022 and I didn't submit my DS-160 yet. My h1b extension approved in oct 23rd and got my courtesy copy of l797. Step 1: Checking if you’re the chosen one Step 2: Prepping your arsenal – The Document Checklist Step 3: Showtime – Document Submission Step 4: The Waiting Game – When will the pheras start? …. Community focused on US Visa Stampings Updates, Appointments, Help for Emergency Appointments, Regular & Dropbox Renewal in India. If you schedule an appointment with an asylum. Dropbox Eligibility for Children (Under 14) in India. There were experiences at certain consulates that below 14 yr old kid was asked to come to regular appointment since they were not eligible for Dropbox if H1B is in US on expired visa but valid i797. Required Supplementary Documentation for the H-1B Visa Process: 2. visa that you would like to renew, you may not be required to personally appear for an interview. There are news that when the visa applicants re-attend the interview, they were forced to acknowledge their guilt and the visa applicants were issued 221 (g). In most cases, applicants have to travel to their home country, get an appointment at the local US consulate and get their passport stamped if the Consular officer approves the H1-B extension. Hi, I applied for a drobox in the Chennai consulate for H1 and H4 extension on Jan 22nd 2021. It asks you to schedule an "OFC appointment" and the list of locations don't have IW marked in drop-down as it used to for Dropbox. Damodara_Pavan_kumar June 22, 2021, 1:08am #1. US Visa Application fee payment receipt. Now I’m planning to travel to India and look for the appointments, but while scheduling the appointments. Hello, I'm appearing for a H1B visa drop-box appointment (First time with H1B Visa) and i do have approved I797C from my attorney. I carried the below documents to submit dropbox. The unknown person from India will ask for your credentials and unfortunately, you have to trust them and they would set up an appointment for you and then you pay them what ever …. MRV Fee receipt for the dropbox is linked to old passport,. H4 Visa, child dropbox 2022. Hello there, When I scheduled an appointment, I thought I qualified for Dropbox. I have CGI profile with dependents information added. There are chances that the consulate may find them having committed fraud and ban their entry permanently. Due to reduced staffing and numerous pandemic-related disruptions to our operations since March 2020. You can add dependent per following the below stages. Dropbox Stamping Requirement Extended to 48 months from Expiry 3. Contact Phone Number : +91-44-2857-4000. An interview appointment is required for those planning to obtain an H1B visa to USA. I have an H1B visa, my spouse has an H4 visa, and both of my children (12 and 9) have H4 visas. Click here to view LBC Out of Service/Out of Delivery areas. I booked an appointment in Delhi and it went through without any issues at all. The US Visa Dropbox Appointment Confirmation letter will have total of 6 pages. US Visa types Eligible for Dropbox Appointment - H4, H1B, Others 5. If not possible, then carry a color copy. 2)Photocopy of approved I-797 (Original was not asked but please carry in case they ask) 3)2 photographs as per specifications for US visa (2inch * 2inch) 4)Dropbox confirmation letter. There are no specific dates given by the US State Department yet on when this will start. This policy applies to both interview and interview waiver (dropbox) appointments. Step 3: Select the location where you went for a US visa …. So, do i still go for interview or just i can drop my documents in respected consulate as per the appointment. Common FAQs US Visa Stamping with Renewal, aka Dropbox – Appointments. I had my drop box appointment back in May. This letter has to be printed on the Company’s Letter Head and signed by the HR Manager or person in charge of HR activities in your company. Thank you so much for the words and the information. Select the visa category appropriate for your reason for entering the U. Visa is placed into your passport. My wife had first time H1B dropbox last month, it’s absolutely fine. com or call +977 9801208392 to speak with a representative. The US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs changed the appointment booking system for India on July 29th, 2023, from the ustraveldocs. I contacted the usportal docs support and the agent I spoke to informed me that they are unable to update it on their end. Consulate General in Montreal is processing immigrant visas according to the Department’s most recent operating status update, …. Hello, I have a bit of a situation here. An H1 visa holder can stay in the USA for a maximum up to 6 years. I didn’t bring it up before because I need the internship experience and would work for them regardless. Step by Step Guide on How in apply for H1B Visa Renovation through Dropbox Selection with Screenshots, Eligibility Requirements, Document Checklist, Employer change, Other info. My case H1B extension on basis of I140 + H4 Dependent. Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai. Update - I took my wife's documents for Dropbox submissions while my own required an interview appointment. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 26th. But based on my spouse and son’s passport stamped visa they don’t qualify for drop box. April 18th : Drop-Box appointment for visa stamping. Supporting Documents for the H-1B Visa 3. If you are eligible for the H1B Dropbox waiver, you can follow the steps given below to schedule an appointment to drop off your passport, along with all the necessary H1B visa renewal documentation. When they pull up your profile, they will know your H1B status has been extended already and they will give you visa starting from the date of issue all the way to 29 Aug 2025. Before we get into details of 221g, in context of National Interest exception, let’s briefly review. My husband dropped his H1B visa dropbox docs on Nov 10th at chennai. Doesn’t matter how many times I am checking, it is showing ‘Appointments unavailable’. You can use your valid H1B visa stamp (even with your old employer’s name and case number) for your travel after the H1B transfer with all other supporting documents of the new employer like approval notice, offer letter, etc. We are planning to travel to India on Feb end as we have drop box appointment on March 3rd 2023 in Hyderabad location and stay in India for 5-6 weeks. I would like to know if stamping in quicker in Canada or India. com, select your visa pick-up location, and schedule an appointment for your photograph and fingerprints to be taken at one of our Visa Application Centers in India. As my petition is expiring soon, got my extension approved through. Visa type: Change of status from F1 to H1B. Visa officer was not even interested in. Speed by Move Guide to Apply for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment 5. If i start a new ds 160 forms, should i forefeit the fee i paid? can i. Visa DropBox, your H4 visa spouse won’t be able to use the U. After doing some research online, it appears that I am eligible for the interview waiver "dropbox" option. There is a small setup inside for instant photos and DS160 corrections if required. In all cases: You must first submit the online visa application form (DS-160), pay the application fee, and schedule the first available interview appointment. Can someone else appear for an h1b visa Dropbox? Is it mandatory. Let's say the receipt number is LIN1233456789. The background must be white or off-white. Sample End Client Letter for H1B Visa petition / Employer. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. A citizen of a foreign country who seeks to travel to the U. Let’s say I get an H1B Visa Appointment today (August) on Jan 1st with my existing employer information. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from September 26th. Employers of H-1B visa workers should prepare to include more documentation in petition filings if they intend to contract those workers out to third-party client worksites. Is my answer "BEST ANSWER" and/or "HELPFUL"? If so, please acknowledge and mark it so. Next Consul General Christopher W. No issue if you are selecting different consulate. Experience 16: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata. Experience 7: Regular H1B Visa, F1 to H1B with NIE at New Delhi. You can get H1B, H4, L1, or L2 visa in-person appointments for the 3rd week of July 2022 in Chennai. In many cases, US Visa Dropbox Appointment is a must, if you are eligible for it. Student visa appointments will be scheduled for mid-to-late November through the end of December. Read: US Visa Appointments India: 2022 Updates for F1, B1/B2, H1B, L1 by Head of Consulates (April 19. Documents including a valid passport, submission letter, recent photograph, and current or expired visa must be submitted. I added my husband as family member in same profile for visa appointment. H1B Dropbox/Biometric appointment in New Delhi, India : r/h1b. H1/H4 Visa Dropbox ️ checklist. My H-1B visa and my spouse's H-4 visa need to be renewed, but unfortunately, there are no dropbox appointments available in any city. Instead, they can submit all the requisite documents at a “DropBox” at their local US Consulate and await an approval mailed to a …. I am planning on visiting India around thanksgiving for my dropbox appointment. H1B Dropbox Experience inside the office in Bangalore. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post. Print and save two copies of your DS-160 confirmation page. If someone who already had done a dropbox can …. Fork example, if you are an H1B visa holder and you’re renewing your H1B visas through one U. Mission to India will process approximately 300,000 H and L visa applications this year,” the spokesperson said and added at present, “we are at capacity for. This is different than the H1B travel ban. US Visa Stamping with Renewal, aka Dropbox – Appointments 2. USA visa H1B Dropbox eligibility in India. Previous copies of my H4 Visa stamp. H1B : Visa Stamp ; Dropbox and Biometric Dropbox and Biometric. I have a approved H1B approval notice till July 2025. Below are the sequence of events that he shared. You must make a regular appointment before submitting an expedite request. Once you determine your visa type, you can access your Form DS-160 to complete it online, pay your visa fee, and schedule your visa appointment online. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from April 6th to June. We both are trying to book a Dropbox stamping appointment. Welcome to the Largest F1 Visa Group on Facebook! This group is part of HappySchools. | vfsglobal - vfsglobal Loading. How to get H1b Dropbox non-emergency appointment in December 2022 in India? - Blind. usvisa-info to scan appointment availability. Bank statements covering the preceding twelve months of employment in the United States. Should I need to fill two DS-160 forms for my H1-B and my wife H4. I have applied for an H1B and H4 extension stamping and my application was selected for dropbox facility. Hello experts, Can you please help me with below doubts. The US Visa renewal application must be within the same classification as …. Then he/she needs to leave the country for at least a year. Filled out DS-160, Booked Appointment before Consulates were closed. Dropbox appointment time : 2:45. ramanan256 June 18, 2018, 1:57pm 2. The Consulate also provides an array of services to Americans residing or traveling to Chennai. Such applicants may submit their visa applications through the Interview Waiver. From the time allocated on your appointment i. The Dropbox appointment booking process is almost similar. Me and my wife should create a separate account and pay the VISA fees and schedule the appointment …. Created New Application and system recognized n added dependent automatically , In My case my spouse (H4) ; Then made a payment (Including for Dependents) using Indian Credit card. Went with family however inside the facility they are letting only the H1B to be represented, so no need to take your spouse and try to go before 10 mins of appointment time. Stayed at the Sofitel in BKC, it’s a 4 min walk from the Mumbai IW center. F1 to H1 , Initial (Aug-28)i submitted drop box but they issued 221G (sep-14)and requested to attend in person interview (oct-04). Under regular processing, then the time varies based on the service center and current demand. 5 years and only 6 months of I94 validity left. The Government of Canada announced a special program in June 2023 to attract H1B Visa holders currently living in the US. Now I am also planning to get visa stamp at same time. I am the primary applicant with H1b and my son is on H4. Reached at 11:45am, but was asked to wait outside as they were serving 12:15pm appointments. Hello Anil & Pankaj Diwedy, Below is the answer I received from US travel docs administrator. But, the appointment confirmation page and the appointment history page shows H-4 for the both of us. Once reached at VAC, there was a line of 8-10 people for Dropbox appointment standing with social distance. Any official link mentioning required and supporting documents will also work. Experience 3: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad. Application received on 04-Aug. The US embassy in India said that in the first nine months of 2022, the US Mission has processed around 160,000 H and L visas and will continue to prioritise H and L workers for visa appointments. At a Glance: H1B visa stamping requires specific documents for the interview process. H1b visa stamping in Dubai or Abu Dubai? : r/h1b. Create a profile on the CGI Federal Website. Hi there! I have scheduled a dropbox appointment. You may use the previous employer visa, until it expires in Sep 2018. You need into select the right country or country and state combination as per your residence and click on continue. USCIS classifies it as given to Family of H1B visa. Experience 1: H4 with In Person Interview at Chennai 2. Enter a valid passport number (exactly as it was …. Had drop box on 21st June 2021 at Delhi VAC, submitted DS-160, appointment confirmation , photo , employment verification and NIE (Banking and Financial sector )letter from employer. I am qualified for the visa waiver program. Submitted USC Kid passport and birth certificate as well. The H1B visa is a nonimmigrant, employment-based visa that is granted to an eligible temporary worker. I have a question regarding changing Emabassy/POST after submitting the fees. You will need the receipt number in order to make a visa appointment. Feb 2nd – Drop box appointment Documents submitted: I-797A copy Employment verification letter DS 160 Two photographs. Over the Counter Cash Payment at CitiBank, AXIS Bank, or DRUK Bank. You can check the status of your application as well as the processing times using your case number. 1 reply; 34 views H1B drop box 221g- Urgent, pls respond By shridharbee, September 6. 26K subscribers in the h1b community. My friend was asked for only interview. All my past renewals are from one consulate outside canada, typically using dropbox. to collect my / our passports from Visa Collection Center on our/my behalf. This has come when there are scores of eligible visa applicants hesitating to travel to India for a lack of available appointments. The status was "Application Received" on 5th April and it remains the same still. This list is the minimum of important H-1B documents that you will need to submit to stamp your H-1B visa in 2023: Appointment schedule letter; DS-160 barcode confirmation; Original H-1B visa approval notice ; Letter for the H-1B visa application provided by your employer; Form I-129; Payment stubs for at least the last three months. 8 Jan 2022 20,000 New Dropbox Appointments Available In India In a welcome move, The US State Department has announced an additional 20,000 dropbox interview waiver …. Experience 3: H1B at New Delhi. All our visas expired 2 years back. Mind it that you can click about 12 times in 24 hours and you can get locked out from your CGI account for 72 hours if you clicked more than stipulated. If you do, no appointment is necessary at a Visa Application Center. 3: 149: August 29, 2023 H1B and H4 Stamping in India. Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi. Here the steps I followed to book an appointment. i submitted my documents for h1 b renewal yesterday in dropbox and was told i will be hearing within minimum 3 days and maximum in the words of the official the. I already have my i797 form available with me. Last visa was issued in 2013 25th Feb: Reached Delhi 2nd March: Doc drop off in person 3rd March: Application Received 4th to 7th: No Change 8th March: AP 9th March: Issued 11th March: Passport Ready for Pickup 12th March: Collected Passport. However, my daughter is 8 months old and this is the first time she would be applying for …. Normal H1 and H4 visa stamping is stopped till 31 st …. Me and my 4 year old son is in india planning to take dropbox appointment. OCT 19th: CEAC website shows Application Received. H1-B regular/Dropbox appointments in November. Appointment Date: March 27th 2023. 17-feb -> h1b dropbox appointment at delhi ofc center 2. Use the SAME EMAIL address as your old portal. e when you have to appear at the embassy for an interview with the visa office, it takes typically 1. My B1 B2 Visa expired last June in 2021. If so, any updates or comments would be greatly appreciated. If you are dropbox eligible, you can book an appointment for any city and dropbox it at any other consulate location. DHS follows approved routine uses …. I have change status from H4 to H1B who is currently in United States, I would like to know if am eligible for dropbox for change of status from H4 to H1B. My H1B visa appointment confirmation has my old passport …. I kept checking it everyday, I saw slot for march 2023, I booked it. The MRV fee is valid and may be used for a visa. If you plan to renew your H1B Visa, you may be eligible for Dropbox / Interview Waiver option. NRI Helpdesk: Do you qualify for an emergency US visa appointment. 5 cm and ears clearly visible) Passport(s) VAC confirmation page The VAC official verified the DS160 against the passport, …. The pilot program (initial test run) for domestic US Visa Stamping for renewals will happen later this year (2023). Dropbox appointment at Hyderabad. The Hyderabad Consular District includes the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. Administrative Processing, the embassy checks to see if anything blocks the actual issuance of the visa. Below are experiences from June 2022 onwards for L1 Visa, L2, F1 Visa and others. Just a little bit of background I have been on H1B for over 6 years and had to move to Canada sometime ago as my role got transferred. In parallel, I created my new account today with ais. Dear Applicant: Thank you for writing to the U. H1B dropbox appointment - refused but no letter or slip. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. The list of paid drop-off and pick up locations for US Visa are: Ahmedabad VAC. They fit into one of the following categories:. I have a F1 visa drop box appointment in June 2022, do i …. 7: 745: October 19, 2023 Current PERM Processing Time 2023 (Check Case Status) US visa Dropbox B1/B2. US visa application process is managed by third-party service providers and has its offices in various Indian cities. Step by Step Guide to Apply for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment Take 3 – Complete Visa Choose, Personal details, H1B Petition Details, Dependents info. Step 7: Print H1B Dropbox Appointment Confirmation Letter. < Company Logo / Address on Letter …. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from December 2nd to. IW Dropbox Eligibility and Query. You can also call their customer service center at 1-800-375-5283 to ask about your case. Visa Stamp Dropbox Experience at Hyderabad, India. Do the softlanding, then book for appointment as PR status, you will get dropbox (other dropbox conditions also need to …. Usually, the process will be done in 3 days. This processing can take several weeks. Passport-size photo as per US visa photo specifications. Here are the steps to scheduling your H1B visa stamping in India appointment dates. Hello, Q1: I am trying to book H1B visa dropbox IW appointment in Hyderabad. US visa renewal using Dropbox was optional in the past in India, but it became mandatory with appointments process for Dropbox Stamping since September 2019. Select a Country: Asylum Seekers and NACARA Applicants You may schedule appointments online only if your case is: Being processed at the Arlington Asylum …. US Visa Stamping with Renewal, aka Dropbox - Appointments 2. As her name appears in dropbox letter, her documents can also be submitted along w/ yours. US Visa Dropbox Locations India (Form 221g, Fingerprinting). I've been going through the posts here that are a little old and I kept reading about WhatsApp and Telegram groups that update you on US visa interview slots, but I couldn't find any in the comments that were live or not full. In most cases, an interview is not required and stamping will be done through Dropbox only. Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Kolkata. a credible fear or reasonable fear protection screening process. It took me exactly 14 days to get the passport back. The United States Embassy and Consulates in Canada have resumed routine U. Green form 221(g) was issued after Dropbox for Fingerprinting. My profile still has my old passport …. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from March 11th to ">H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from March 11th to. Certain non-immigrant visa categories like the H1-B or B2 visitor visas when seeking a visa extension of their current visa can waive the interview segment altogether and the long wait lines at US consulates. Schedule an Embassy/Consulate appointment by selecting a Category 3 appointment. I visited Mumbai VAC 40 minutes early and I was taken in. usvisascheduling - update new DS-160. Below is a 4-step process to get your visa stamped: 1. When I repaid fee to rebook appointment, I could no longer see dates until exactly 3 months from the date I missed my slot. How to apply for your nonimmigrant visa for travel to the United States. How can I get US visa from Dropbox? Step by Step Guide to Apply for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment. It’s just what I observed not sure what really happens. Guidance on US Visa Appointments Situation in India by Head of US Consulates in India for 2022 for F1 Students, Interview Tips, B1/B2 Visa slots. For the Best Chance of Approval: 3. We have online resources on this site to answer all your visa questions. If your visa was approved and no form 221 (g) was issued, then you can expect your stamped passport within 5-10 working days. Can someone share the link to the telegram group for h1b visa. I do see for some people on other groups it is changing. Help with Dropbox H1B Visa Appointment. , using the case number or CEAC barcode on the DS-160 confirmation page. FOR MARK ONLYHello,I have my H1B visa Dropbox appointment scheduled for later this year. Callers in India: +91 120 6602222 or +91 22 67209400. 19/4 Visa Interview at Kolkata. At present due to Covid situation,In India even getting Appointment for Interview waiver Drop Box submission is very difficult. Some got successful Dropbox Stamping for US Visa with Appointment, but we have noticed few users reported that they got 221g and have been …. I will probably lose my job and also won’t be able to pay …. I proceeded by booking the dropbox option. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This included a photocopy of my current I-797 as well as photocopies of all my previous I-797s. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from August 14th to. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from November 16th. mailuser June 14, 2022, 3:30pm 1. citizen services and nonimmigrant visa services. Some sites like Delhi only have availability in 2023, but most others are showing availability in 2022. They are correctly charging the fees - $190 for each applicant. The new notice from the Department says, “In the coming days, the US Embassy and Consulates in India will release more than 20,000 additional interview waiver (drop box) appointments for. I believe if all the documents are proper, it shouldn’t take more than 3 …. Current status is 'Pending Consular Authorization'. My CEAC case status for my H1B dropbox VISA application is updated to ‘Administrative Processing’ on 10/22 with below description - Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. Chances of getting Dropbox Appointment in India in December 2023. After my H1B visa dropbox appointment in India, the US Embassy took over 20 days to process my application, due to which I had to reschedule my return flight. Security checking was completed and allow to go inside. Friend, relative, agent can drop. The appointment details on the cgi federal portal should specify interview waiver when you click on that little plus thingy for more details. Hi, I have my dropbox appointment in Sep, 2021 and I qualify under NIE category. While many cases get US visa stamping done with drop box directly, some cases end up in. citizens with emergencies, please call 011-202-8500 and follow the phone prompts. H1-B Registration Start Date: March 1st, 2022. I am seeing mixed comments about the agents and consulate might be tracking these slots. (H4) so that I can book individual H1 and H4 slots. I was approved for a H1B visa from 2020-2023. Dropbox User Experience with Appointment, Documents ">H4 Dropbox User Experience with Appointment, Documents. Learn more about the visa application process. and Estimated wait time for further instructions is 5 weeks. You can use your previous employer H1B stamp along with your newly transfer approved I797 to re-enter USA. Complete Guide to US Dept of State's US Visa Interview Waiver option for certain visa applicants like H1B, H4, L1, L2, Others, and 48 months Dropbox. USCIS Processing Times Visa Approvals Rates. If you are planning to apply for a US Visa at a US Consulate, you need first to complete the DS-160, then create an account on US Visa Appointment booking websites such as USTravelDocs, USVisaScheduling. Determine which Consular section is most convenient to you. H4 Dropbox Experience with Appointment: Process, Documents. 09/07/2021- Booked H1B+H4 visa dropbox appointment at Bangalore VAC on 09/14 09/14- document drop off for H1B + H4 visa renewal (single appointment) at Bangalore VAC. Strictly for H1/H4 regular slot availability 2. Hello,I have my Dropbox appointment scheduled in July for my H1B visa renewal. Appreciate if someone can share his/her recent experience for Drop Box. Review this page (Printable checklist)Confirm that the UW H Visa Request Form and all supporting documentation contain consistent information (e. President George Washington, on November 19, 1792, nominated Benjamin Joy of Newbury Port as the first American Consul to Kolkata. Now, since 48 months rule came back, I am eligible for dropbox as my visa got expired in Dec 2017. Flight ticket reimbursement by employer. Submitted passport, copies of my 797s, the employment verification letter & NIE request letter from my employer. They have asked me to cancel my existing consular appointment and start fresh as drop box appointment. Below are User experiences for December 2021, starting from December 10th to December 21st, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. When you got for US Visa Stamping at an Embassy or US Consulate, sometimes, the US Visa or Consular Officer may put a stamp as in the below image that says “Cancelled without prejudice” (CWOP) on your valid or expired US visa that is already on your passport. When you got to “Schedule an appointment” link it asks some questions to decide dropbox qualification, one of it is “prior visa in the same class is still. Visa Interview Day – F1 Visa Stamping during STEM OPT. Drop box eligibility is said to be 2 yrs from visa expiry date, valid …. CEAC – Visa Approved but Status is Administrative Processing status is common these days after visa interview in the US embassy. CGI Federal Visa Appointment Booking – Create New. Here’s an H1B Visa renewal Dropbox Experience in Chennai with 221 (g) (happened in Mid 2017) as shared by an reader. Any help is greatly appreciated. I was thinking that both H1s can be in a single profile and there wont be any problem as we are going to have 2 separate DS-160 forms. CGI Federal Visa Appointment Booking – Create New Application. You can make a visa interview appointment online on the US Visa Scheduling website. Copy of my spouse’s H1B Visa stamp ( expired ) Previous copies of my expired H4 Approval notices. Hi, I urgently need to schedule an H1b visa appointment to get my passport stamped. It was initially supposed to end on March 17th, 2023, but they extended it due to some system issues during one of the days. The US Consulate in Mumbai expects 580 calendar days to be the estimated waiting time for a US visitor visa appointment. I applied for H4 and H4 EAD with the new Biometrics process, was waiting for approval and finally ended up going for H4 stamping as it was taking too long. Only at this point will a consular section consider your request for an expedited appointment. H1b+H4 Dropbox Visa Stamping Questions. It has started to show as "Refused" now. However, if you have previously been issued a U. However my travel plans changed and I will be traveling in December. Deliver your interview-waiver visa application to a Team CGI Document Drop-Off Center. Hi Saurabh, May be I am not thinking clearly or over-thinking. In the usual case, you need to visit the CGI Federal's website to register your account and schedule the US visa appointment. Hey all, I (Indian citizen) got selected in the 2nd H1b visa lottery round of 2023. (checking everyday) 1) Is the Mumbai consulate not processing any dropbox visa? 2) Since my previous H1b interview was at Mumbai consulate, am I limited to Mumbai for my dropbox appointment? 3) Anyone with recent dropbox …. H1B Visa is a Nonimmigrant Visa, you need select that in Step 1 and flick on continue. Page 1 – It will have the appointment confirmation Info; Page 2 – Instructions with details of the dropbox location address; Page 3 to 6 – Details of the documents to be submitted by visa type; US Visa Interview Waiver Letter Sample : Page 1 – Appointment. H1B Visa approved: June 16, 2020. H-1B (I-140 Approved) holder applying US Visitor Visa (B2) from Canada while living/working in Canada on a ICT Work Permit. How is drop box Visa Interview?. Experience 4: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at Mumbai 5. Home | Visas | Nonimmigrant Visas The Consular Sections of the U. Doesn't matter how many times I am checking, it is showing 'Appointments unavailable'. Now the question is, Can we change the passport information of kid (I. If you need to travel to the U. To get the entire stamping process started you must do the following: Submit Form DS-160, which can only be completed online at the Department of State website. immigration law experience with cases just …. Hi, I booked my appointment at Vancouver on 27th Jan, 2015. Go to h1b r/h1b • by If you are eligible for dropbox then it directly takes you to choose the dropbox appointment date which is mentioned there. If I cancel, should I pay the MRV fees ($190) again whenever I book a new appointment, or I don't have to pay it again as it is valid for 1 year since date of payment. H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 4th to …. My status hasn’t changed as yet. Experience 5: H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi 6. Technically instructions are to submit drop box in the jurisdiction of form submission place. My h1b extension approved in oct 23rd and got my courtesy. Fingerprints verification after Dropbox. Confirm if you have all your supporting documents. US Visa Application Form DS-160 confirmation page, stamped at the Visa Application Center (VAC). You may cancel your appointment if it was scheduled at one of our international field offices. Last Updated : March 27, 2023 | by Kumar. Names and current phone numbers of the personnel managers at your present and previous places of employment. You should arrive at the time of your appointment. Please help me for below questions. Visa interview date 16th sep 2022. US embassy Visa interview appointment confirmation. Do not wait until the last minute to book your interview — you may not get your preferred date and time. On the day of your drop box appointment, you will drop off your documents to. Base filing Fee (I-129 Form): $460 USD. Dropbox dates blocked for 90 days after No Show. Changing h1b stamping interview appointment to drop box after 48 months rule. At a Glance: The H4 visa allows spouses and children under 21 of H1B visa holders to join them in the US. Now I got drop box appointment which is in 2023. Dropbox confirmation appointment letter. By Or I will need to book appointment at Mumbai ? Link to comment. Fee (USD) Fee (INR) Nonimmigrant Visa Application Fee. My H1B visa stamp was done in 2014 and had since changed 2 employers so VAC personal asked for all I797 approvals 1st …. Booked Dropbox appointment in March 2021; Landed in india on 01-aug with family; Went alone and completed Dropbox for h1 and h4 on 03-aug in Hyderabad. I submitted below docs at Bangalore location: Current I-797; I-797 linked to last visa stamped on passport; Employment Verification Letter; Self written NIE Letter (submitted on 10/25 – this is no longer needed) Photo. May 19: administrative processing. I was just curious to know what would be the next . The H4 Visa is issued to the family member, who is dependent on the H1B Visa holder who is presently working in the United States. Does this mean I am OFC appointment? I got an email, and in that email it says Documents can be only submitted on Appointment Date at below Address ONLY between 10am and …. There will be no extensions of fee validity. Dropbox Appointment in India, Processing Time, ReSchedule. US Visa Stamping at Consulates usually involves in-person interviews, unless you qualify for the Interview Waiver Eligibility, which is popularly called a Dropbox Visa Appointment. If qualified, the system will provide. H1 status and H1 visa stamping are two different things. TestDunks January 25, 2023, 5:11am 1. My dropbox appointment was scheduled for December 23rd 2020 and I dropped off all necessary documents that were specified on the ustraveldocs website. Here is the complete guide to seizing the H4 visa. visas, children are not eligible for the. Book an interview appointment as soon. DropBox FAQ@shareandsmile #FAQ #visadropbox #visaappointmentAm going to address a few questions that comes to everyones mind, while going for Visa dropbox a. 0: 58: October 5, 2023 Dropbox transfer time from Bengaluru to Chennai H1B Visa stamping drop box option. Experience 1 : H1B Visa – Delhi – June 24, NIE. H1B Visa Appointment Scheduling & Cancellation Details. The new Visa Application Center will be located at: Lower Concourse, Hitec City Metro Station, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited – HITEC City, Madhapur. Refusal means 221g in majority of the cases, especially work visas. H1B Dropbox Insert Checklist 6. Couple of months ago I paid visa fees for h1b drop box, but did not book appointment. H1B and H4 Visa Dropbox appointment in India.