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Cote FanfictionThe rest of the characters in the series won't make their debuts early on. Katagiri Yuuichi is moving to the Advanced Nurturing High school where he can finally put his past behind him and live in a rather fancy Highschool. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, the enigma of Class D, included. Kiyo is More confident and uses his. My Teen Romantic Comedy: The Spider's Solitude by BuringFire08 reviews. Detached Glamour: A Classroom of the Elite fanfiction. Take place in vol 2 year 2, after golden weak, the students in grade 2 were teleported to an unknown place by some creature. Komi Shouko never, EVER, thought of becoming a nudist. 1) First he make Ayano and Ichinose promise each other something weird in volume 11. Tony stands on a pier, looking out at the water after a dream corrupts his thoughts. Basically every what if you readers would like to read, and with a reaction of the cast following that. See more posts like this in r/DragonRajaMobile. This is a fanfic of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji getting his entire life torn apart when videos of his various antics are shown t. COTE: SI OC in the Classroom Of The Elite. COTE : Elites war - solitude by ayundarisu COTE : The Three great powers by haleyalitz14 (on hold (?)) Brutal betrayal kiyotaka abandons everything by aaashed123 Genre horror Classroom of the elites but theres an apocalypse by snuffling When the night falls by PeterTheDemon Sincreid7 • 2 yr. Otherwise, it's a largely original work. Looking for some good Cote fanfiction. The fic is very different from the canon and every fic I've ever read in COTE. Cote random one shots? Fanfiction. Whilst Kiyotaka bathed in his thoughts, he was interrupted by two familiar faces. The only thing it probably has in common with Harry Potter (and I've read some of it) is that they both have magic. Classroom of the elites but theres an apocalypse by snuffling. Three military jets just passed above us. Favorite Singer [Kiribaku, DISCONT by 🍍Gay Pineapple🍍. (This story is set after the events in Volume 9) Hiyori encountered a peculiar book named 'The Classroom of The Elite'. Classroom Of The Elite: The True …. February in Japan was known for many things. Choose one story starter or combine 1-3 story prompts. It's been eight year's since Sonic got separated from them His siblings, his old friends, and his mother. Explore global cancer data and insights. Amazing (Amazing character writting but it can be improved) 145. But slowly he gets bored so he decides to reveal his abilities, going all out. (COTE Fanfic) (Discontinued) Yes, another COTE fanfic, IDK why I do them but, that doesn't matter. Feedback is always appreciated especially since this is my first fanfic ever so would like feedback to improve. White room : The Reaction by 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷. Stone) COTE X OC: The Mask Slips (COTE X OC) BROKEN SMILE (COTExOC). ago Oh mate, thank you very much!. Ayanokouji x Amasawa fanfic This takes place at the start of Y2V1 Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is suffering from mental illness. Akira Fukuhara is a cold-hearted boy who has little concern for others and crushes those who will stand in his way mercilessly. Though the problem is, she has only watched the first season of Anime before being reincarnated. These may range from true one-shots to timelines that are based on a specific thing. Someone Special by Unusual-meet is the best oc fic out there. So as the title say i am trying to find a certain classroom of the elite fanfiction i have read on wattpad and it start with ayanokoji in his way to the highschool ans amasawa is sitting on his lap if i remember correctly and instead of being in class D they are at "A" and he declare himself as the leader of class a so if anyone happen to know it pls give a link and if you have any good cote. I don't own Classroom of the Elite/Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no K. After the well-known "Death" of the girl Suzuki Shizuku, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka once again lost the chance to regain his emotions. A COTE fanfic (Ayanokoji Twins) Fanfiction. Wi Sonic gets seperated from his friends after a final battle with Dr. Pregnancy announcements, maternity and paternity leave, exercises, Braxton Hicks, a tough birth, body changes, diaper changes, sleep Follow the life of villain waifu deku, Bakugo Izuku as the loving wife of Bakugo Katsuki, and the Big Boss of an underground criminal organaziation. Mind Control, Lemons, Sex and Love Reupload Chapter 1, a. All on wattpad: •Revelation Of An Ordinary Life By megadonkeykong. Broken heart\\countryhumans rusger by Fiskelår. Ayanokouji is still a cold hearted person who minds his own business and doesn't care about others (in the beginning). His Royal Highness by The One Who Can't be Named. I say the LN is garbage because the. Seriously, you are such a great man to present this beautiful fan fiction of COTE , I hope that you stays healthy all the time as i will wait for your new chapter. A boy who was outcasted from society at a young age due to his inability to conform finds solace in reading numerous fantasy stories in place of human interaction. These questions chased me, pulled me into the infinity of darkness in my chest. Foreign companies don’t quite know what to make of China’s leadership transition. This is a fanfic of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji getting his entire life torn apart when videos of his variou Kiyopon Can't Communicate! 58 parts. This is a fanfiction of Cote where literally no one in ANHS knows about ayanokoji's past. #ayanokoji #ayanokouji #classroomoftheelite #cote #crossoverfanfiction #hirata #hiyori #kei #kiyotaka #nazuna #reactions #romance #romcom #ryuuen #sakayanagi #. COTE : The Three great powers by haleyalitz14 (on hold (?)) Brutal betrayal kiyotaka abandons everything by aaashed123. My Elite Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected by DarkDrawerJ reviews. [ To get out of Here, One person secret is to be revealed until the end] This is Classroom of the Elites series Fanfiction. Rimuru, after successfully repelling Velgrynd, the catastrophic dragon, takes his well-earned break. Including sakayanagi and her father. This is my first time wirte the story!This story begins in its second school year, director Sakayanagi was never removed as his father did not accuse him of false charges, therefore he did not appoint a new director. In the Advanced Nurturing High School, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji accidentally fell down the empty stairs and appeared in another world, without the obstruction of other people, Ayanokoji instantly decided to live an ordinary life. Jean Coutu and Shoppers Drug Mart are two pharmacies in Montreal that are open 24 hours. After leaving his cage, he meets new friends and faces many hardships that no one else can understand, due to his inexperience of the outside world. After milim was killed Being reincarnated is something nobody ever expects, let alone into a world that shouldn't exist. Chapter Text “Are you sure we’re doing this man?” Among the snowy weather in the middle of the distance between the legendary school of Hogwarts and the town of Hogsmeade, three figures cloaked in black and green scarfs with the symbol of one of the schools founders Salazar Slytherin, stood close to each other. It also has a public timeline version where the general public also reacts to it. Any cote fanfics where this isnt the case?. Some people even say you are the best OC character of the COTE fanfic community. Typical COTE reaction of the future. Classroom Of The Secrets [SLOW UPDATES] 198K 3. From grandmasters to engines, he beat them all time and time again. I know a very few reaction fanfics which are pretty well written. This is a Hololive x KIYOTAKA fanfic. I can't imagine myself as leader anymore. Art found under the profile Yue on Pixiv. The expressive monster (Cote x male readers). Justice League (3) Death Note (3) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (3) Twilight (3) High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D crossover fanfiction archive. Classroomoftheelites Stories. Events take place after the island exam y1v3, events will be shown out of chronological order, mostly the most interesting and something that is very rare to find in such fan reactions. Synopsis: Japan was in a mediocre situation and needs people with incredible abilities, so the president knowing about the existence of the White Room decided that to make Japan a world power they need young people with incredible abilities and potential so he chose to create Tomodachi Game and left. ayanokoji classroomoftheelite cote fanfiction horikita ichinose karuizawa karuizawakei kiyokei kiyotaka matsushita supernatural. suggest some good COTE fanfics : …. At the same time horikita manabu after graduating has taken a high-paid job offer at the white room but later regrets. In this fic some charecters will be a bit OOC and the story will begin during the winter vacations of their f. Shaun Reyter, 17, the normal, straight dude that got stuck in a very 'active' Team RWBY. That feeling went a full 360 once I started writing one , it's fun to explore an already built world with colorful characters. I don't own Classroom of the Elite, it own by Cote. ma-cherie-cote is a fanfiction author that has written 22 stories for NCIS. Starting in class C: not Just another cote fanfic with changes from vol 7. A different kind of serpentine ninjagomalereader. When his stepfather exchanged him to pay off his debt, Taehyung thought that he had finally escaped the hell he was living in. Côte d’Ivoire, the biggest economy in French-speaking West Africa, has revved back to life under president Alassane Ouattara—the overwhel. And there's even a Fate zero timeline cast reacting to the FSN VN. He finds himself stranded in a world of terror and injustice. Get feedback: Once you've edited your fanfiction, share it with others and ask for feedback. After revealing his identity to his parents goes completely wrong and Danny flees to Paris. For example: What if Kiyo and Kei never hid their relationship, so on and so forth You can add your request whenever in the. This is my first time writing anything like this at a. Cote classroom of the elite. Being sent out on jobs to kill the guilty and earn the money. The Defectives (CotE x Male Reader). His flawless motives (CotE) 29. Follow Izuku as he dives into the world of support equipment and rises up to the top!. #arisu #ayanokouji #ayanokoujikiyotaka #classroomoftheelite #cote #fanfic #fanfiction #hiyori #horikita #ichinose #kakeru #karuizawa #kei #kiyotaka #reactions #reacts #ryuuen #sakanayagi #suzune The person who knows piano and calligarphy. It will not be following the story strictly (obviously) and some ret-cons may be made to better fit this fan-fiction, but the story leading up to this will be kept largely the same. A Classroom of the Elite FanFic, I Dont Own Any Characters, Pictures and Others Stuff in. Everyone had just made it safe out of rex's lair, Rayla got her Runaaan and parents back and Callum had just told her he was glad she was back. This is my first time writing fanfiction. Anyone know any good Akame Ga Kill fanfics? : r/AkameGaKILL. This is just a fanfic based on the original story. (A night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Plex Gregory is once again hiding from his stalker Vanny who is on a mission to kill him given to her by her boss Glitchtrap against her will once again the Glamrock Animatronics succeed in protecting him, than one fateful Night) Vanny: Hey Gregory!. Seven once-in-a-generation talents all apply to ANHS in the same year - rather than placing them al COTE: Polygamy Route [18+] 27 parts. In the Valentine's Day chapter, Miko Iino mentions that President is popular, and she even has friends who are interested in him. So this is where I dump random ideas and other weird stuff. Can anyone give me ideas for a fanfic : r/CoteFanfiction. I need a reaction story about any COTE fan-fiction from Wattpad. Tensura x COTE: The God and The Gen Void-Primordial. It'll be starting from V1 and going through every single chapter for as long as I can keep writing. Aizawa didn't waste time as he followed his students down the hall and staircase. Any good/decent cote fanfic that is finished or didn’t get. Trembling in fear, with my mind somewhere else, and gaze directed nowhere. The Unordinary Ordinary [COTE X MHA X BSD X K] 358K 20. All the SSs here are fictional. That's all I have for now [deleted] • 4 mo. A dark wind blows from Derry, all the way up past Castle Rock to Dark Score lake where Camp Moribund sits perched on the shoreline waiting for the air to clear. Unfortunately, she is born as a subject in the White Room program arisu. E (The Perfect Human Experimentation) attends the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School when she coincidentally meets the survivor of the White Room Experiment. Due to his status as the 'Masterpiece' they send him to ANHS to test just how incredible he is and also to …. Be warned, there will be r18 content, Netori is the. It's better if you read 'White room master piece'. Secrets unfolding by Riveralpha- There is a good possibility that this might become the best cote fanfic if the author were to continue writing it. COTE: SI OC in Classroom Of The Elite. But unfortunately it's been months since it was updated. During his journey, he met a girl, and he fell in love, had Nice. How I confined in that white room. The principal and the students exchanged excessive words of gratitude, there was far too much time spent standing in lines, and, with so many irritating things to deal. Read Part 10: Attracting Attention from the story The Elite (CoTE) by TYZR11 with 6,948 reads. Story will be based on the Light novel of Classroom of the Elite. Classroom Of The Elite : True Genius. This is a story that is inspired by a lot of fanfictions and this is a KiyoKei centered fanfiction as well. ayanokoji chabashira chiaki classroomoftheelite cote fanfiction hirata horikita ichinose karuizawa keisuke kiyotaka manabu nagumo ryuuen sakayanagi series whiteroom. It's hard enough surviving in the 'normal' world, the magical world is a rude awakening. The picture is not mine, so don't sue me. (COTE Fanfic) by DeadEyesKun (D-Rip) with 5,054 reads. COTE fanfic reactions : r/ANHSWritingClub. All he knows is that he's lived in New York all his life, fighting and stealing to survive. School idol project (26) Hololive (26) South of Nowhere (25) Chuck (25) Team Fortress 2 (25) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (25) Star Wars Rebels (25) Suicide Squad (25) X-Men: Evolution (24) Ironman (24) Hannah Montana (24) How I Met Your Mother (24) Diabolik Lovers/ディアボリックラヴァーズ (24) A Court of Thorns and Roses (24. Odd Jobs: A Beekeeper in New York City. Anime & Comics REINCARNATION SLICEOFLIFE ANIME CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE. This fanfiction is basically about some key characters from Classroom of the Elite by Kinugasa reacting to a novel they find about Kiyotaka Ayanokouji. #airi #anime #ayanokoji #classroomoftheelites #cote #fanfiction #hirata #ichinose #kei #kiyotaka #lightnovel #react #reaction #ryuen #sakayanagi #sato #sudo #suzune. A normal girl dies due to Truck-sama, and gets reincarnated into the Classroom Of The Elite universe. A leak of information has compromised the White Room, exposing it to the world. In this timeline ayanokoji escapes the white room with …. action ayanokouji cote crossover fanfiction kaguya karma lelouch lightyagami oreki psychology ryuzaki shirogane sora yuuichi. This is my first fan fiction so plz be easy on me and feel free to criticize me in comments. 🔞+ Follow Ayanokoji as he seduces each and every woman in COTE one by one while attempting to main Dirty, Little, Traitor. Page 2 Read 2-12: All-Around Za Warudo! from the story The Elites. net which is quite surprising because of all the material that could be used for them and their integration into hell. English is not my first language so there might be some grammatical mistakes or something so don't hesitate to. The Quintessential Elite by #3. COTE Reaction story Will end up including fanfictions of COTE that are in my "reactions material". Integrating Into Adventurer Society: COTE X DanMachi. Searching For Fanfics : r/DragonRajaMobile. What Happens when Danny is given a small ancient blue and black box that cont shark. Gate: Thus Organization XII Fought by Aiden Gacha world. Subsequently, all of 1-A chased after him. #1 Arisu: 6-24-23 #2 classroomoftheelite: 6-24-23 #1 crossoverfanfiction: 11-17-22 #1 Mind Games: 10-9-23. Mid ( he is fine as a character not bad) 148. (CoTE FanFic) Fanfiction "Everyone is Just A Tool for me to use so I can Survive in this obscure World" Take a look of how The Ayanokoji Kiyotaka Survive in a World Full of the Undead. Regulus stumbles across a distraught omega in the garden's of Malfoy Manor. ayanokoji classroomoftheelite cote fanfiction horikita karuizawa kei kiyotaka reactions suzune. The prodigal genius of the 4th Generation White Room, feared and respected among those who know the extent of his abilities. They meet fans, play games, read fanfics, chat in the youzitsu discord community, react to the anime and AMVs of them! Ordinary Ambition. His entire life changed during a thunderstorm and he got isekaied to the classroom of the elite. Reaction fanfics : r/FanFiction. This book is a fanfiction of Classroom Of The Elite originally written by Kinugasa Shogo and illustrated by Tomose Shunsaku. he as a student is very smart and has a lot of potential but when he is in school, he has lazy tendencies causing him not to try hard or give his best in any activities that are not very important, wi. He is also a lazy guy who hates the real world. Read the most popular deku stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Just COTE characters reaction to random stuff Credits to the owners of the videos that are used. CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE FUTURE REACTION Short Story. After the White Room closed d Kiyopon Can't Communicate! 58 parts. thank goodness he has the support of his one day atsushi texted akutagawa, and ask him to do something and soon they started to talk more Finished/complete. The last joke went something like, "I got rejected by a loli, i took her cane and she came crawling back". Don’t underestimate their value. "My Star" is an enthralling fanfic that intertwines the worlds of "Oshi no Ko" and "COTE," weaving together a captivating narrative filled with friendship, love. A list of the most beautiful Jalex fanfictions I've read. Disclaimer: This reaction fanfiction will follow the light novel's plot, characters personalities, and the order of the events. Here are a few helpful tips for writing fluff: Keep them (mostly) short and sweet. "For the first time since I died I knew I made regrets in my life as I opened my eyes into the light, I realized how I fooled myself living in a delusion that nothing will ever change in my life and so I already made up my mind that have been lingering …. Being trained for assassination ever since you could walk. He sat her down and ripped the bottom of her panties out while she tried, in vain, to get his pants undone. Classroom of the Elite Chapter 14. Can anyone make a fanfic with Cote and violet evergarden crossover. Reaction fics status? : r/CoteFanfiction. He is married to a famous youtuber/ singer, Sirius Black, his actual surname is Lupin-Black. 🔞+ Follow Ayanokoji as he seduces each and every woman in COTE one by one while attempting to main Love Live!!. by SofiaDuCiar (Sofia Du Ciar) with 1,693 reads. Toarumajutsunoindex Stories. COTE: Polygamy Route [18+] 27 parts. keefe is the most popular guy in school a flashback. TFiOS JeanMarco Fanfic : r/FanFiction. COTE: Ayanokoji As A Girl (Hiatus). What happens when a young boy enters Advanced Nurturing High School, the most prestigious high school in Japan. i don't plan on continuing this, but i'm just going to reupload it here completely as is and start to work on a rewrite or another fanfic. kiyotaka classroomoftheelite cote ayanokouji ayanokoji horikita ichinose sakayanagi kei karuizawa suzune arisu honami kushida youzitsu ryuuen hiyori ayanokoujikiyotaka mondo classroom 1. Where it dawned on her that lacking grit, determination, hard work, intelligence, perseverance, and a tough mentality would be detrimental to the class. Read stories about #ayanokouji, #ayanokoji, and #action on Wattpad, recommended by PhongNguyetCat. Most cote fanfics are an original character doing litterly everything the mc does and there is no diffrence even though the oc should be completely diffrent. Browse through and read cote fanfiction stories and books. •White room : The Reaction By Aisuru_Hana13. Côte d’Ivoire president Alassane Ouattara has easily won re. This fic is simply about the characters from the original story COTE responding to Kiraishin's fic titled "Classroom of the Elite: The Unfamiliar Familiar World" Brief summary: Ayanokōji dies and returns to the past, turning the entire story upside down and giving the characters a 180. Anime/Manga: Oshi no Ko/推しの子 fanfiction archive with over 52 stories. This is a fanfic where for some reason at the beginning of the 3rd semester there was a change in classes, now Kiyotaka is in the same class as Ichinose and Hiyori. Read Chapter 5 from the story Double trouble by Tejas34 (Slade) with 2,055 reads. Currently, there won't be any future updates on this particular fanfic. This mostly follows the original LN but with some major changes in the plot. The writing style, and how the characters thoughts and reactions are presented are so accurate to the point where it feels like you are actually reading the ln. Bab 3: Pelangi Tersembunyi Di Balik Pohon Pinus. 5, and for the first special exam Kiyo, a long with representatives from other classes, have to temporarily transfer to another. This is just some popcorn fanfiction. Ayanokoji will be spending 3 years in ANHS, commanded by his father while as much possible augmenting his capabilities, meaning he will do procedures to atleast maintain but in goal maximize h. COTE : My Hearts Desires by Ryuuen-chan. 🔞+ Follow Ayanokoji as he seduces each and every woman in COTE one by one while attempting to main. Yousuke sat opposite Kiyotaka with Karuizawa sat next to him, she was clearly sulking. FOR WHERE/HOW TO READ/BUY THE LN OR TRANSLATION STATUS, PLEASE CHECK THE SUBREDDIT'S GUIDE. Bakugou Katsuki is an angry mess, and Kirishima Ejirou thinks he knows why. Come check out the story and see how it develops! CotE: The Butterfly Effect. Cote X Reader Fanfiction Stories. Webnovel provides genres of stories, fan fictions, light novels and comic books! Get newest web novels updates which are translated from Chinese/Korean and our original books. You chose to actively avoid humanity until one day, wher Read the most popular attackontitan stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Read 2-16: I'm alive :) from the story The Elites. ayanokojikiyotaka classroomof classroomoftheelite cote fanfic hiyorishiina. Konosuba has been made a synonym of この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! | KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! - All Media Types. Synopsis: A new special exam was announced …. classroomoftheelite, kiyotaka, fanfiction. As medieval era soldiers came charging out of the gate, they were quickly me Completed. Seirei Gensouki Unlimited Bladewor by RyuuKenshin. Perfect ( one of the best characters in friction) 15. I actually really like all the reaction fics people have done. 7K 10 Ayanokouji Kiyotaka always had an urge to conquer what's in front of him, step by step he plans to conquer the world starting from his own prestigious highschool. After sucessfully passing the first year of his peaceful high school life, a new challenge arose, t COTE: Polygamy Route [18+] 27 parts. I mean there Top tier character Ayanokoji which very well written but it a crossover where Ayanokoji replaces the MC of. Danmachi: Reborn with EMIYA's Powers. Anyone know any Fanfic where Ayanokouji smile or like putting on a fake smile cause I just read an interesting one Called Classroom of the Shit- A … Press J to jump to the feed. Read R18 Fanfiction Stories. The confession takes place during this vacation! The rest of the info will be relayed in the chapter I am a novice writer, feel fre. Classroom Of The Elite with a twist. An extremely canon-compliant (to a point) coming of age tale full of tender, funny moments around dating and coming out and all the pain and confusion surrounding the process, especially when you're trying to be a hero!. There is a lot more filler in here so that the story feels smoother. This is a fanfic which explores the idea of Kiyopon having a twin sister who studied with him in the white room. It is going to be about classroom of the elite and people finding out what has happened behind the peoples backs #ayanokoji #classroomoftheelite #cote #fanfiction #horikita #karuizawa #kei #kiyotaka #reactions #suzune. He meets a tyrant and works with him to rise the ranks. With a reassuring smile I urged her to keep on asking, it wasn't just me who was feeling the same but rather all the other seven who were seated with us. Once a brilliant but controversial scientist and strategist, Hayden woke in a mysterious lab — his memories gone. An adult's perspective on Harry's home and school life does not paint a good picture. But over the decade only one has ever succeeded in doing that tiamhs. Emilia and Beatrice looked down at the rolling boy with deadpan faces. The bus ride to ANHS was a rather odd one that had me questioning the serious mixed bag of students who were probably going to be my classmates for the coming 3 years. So, I wanted to make a One-shot reactions and future reactions. The Unordinary Ordinary [COTE X MHA X BSD X K. COTE: Survival Chapter 1, a classroom of the elite. " In order to be free of his pursuers, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had found himself enrolling into the prestigious Advanced Nurturing Spirit Academy --- the only place they cannot reach. Page 2 Read Capitulo 7 from the story ¿a quien eligiras? (COTE) by historiaanime (historia anime) with 367 reads. Tensura X MHA {{Fanfiction Crossov by Krul. Yesterday I upload my first fanfic on Wattpad in English. The owner and director of the best school in Japan, ANHS, Mr. COTE REACTION: The Unfamiliar Familiar World. A COTE reaction to Ayanokoji and his demonic bond with the Espada Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach fans rise up). Read Classroom Of The Elite Stories. Our Godlike Abilities: A COTE x Slime Fanfic. Multiple Anime reacts to COTE. Before I came to Kudou Ikusei, I'd always been …. It bothers me that when a character has two motivations behind their actions, their selfish desires are always seen as their “true motivation", while their selfless desires are seen as an “excuse”. Ayanokoji Kiyotaka and [Reader's Name] are both escapees of the White Room. Trashofthecountsfamily Stories. When Lord Eddard Stark discovers a strange pile of books in Winterfell, he and his family start to read it, and discover what exactly the future has in store for them. Read Chapter 4 from the story Double trouble by Tejas34 (Slade) with 2,207 reads. ayanokoji ayanokouji ayanokoujikiyotaka classroomoftheelite cote fanfic harem honami horikita ichinose karuizawa kei kiyotaka ryuuen suzune you-zitsu youkoso youzitsu. The timeline starts after Y2V4. anime arisu ayanokoji ayanokouji chiaki classroom classroomoftheelite cote edge elite fanfiction fuka highschool honami horikita ichinose kiryuuin kiyotaka kushida lightnovel matsushita plans psychology ryuen sakayanagi. COTE: Polygamy Route [18+] 🔞+ Follow Ayanokoji as he seduces each and every woman in COTE one by one while attempting to maintain his quiet high school existence. I haven't read COTE for some months, and when I come back there is just 2 volumes available ( Y2 V4. Just trying to interact and socialize with other people made her anxious. Introduction and shopping. Love born from hatred (Year 1) by Sliverdragon05. So curiously, what would happen by the time she discovered the true. r/CoteFanfiction: A subreddit for Fanfiction writers and readers of Classroom Of The Elite. " He announced with a glee, flashing his pearl white teeth. Ever since Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had been a child, he played a lot of chess. He still has a similar mindset though but in his eyes, he does not believe he is lucky, more like cursed. Read Part 9 from the story Cote: Heartless Masterpiece? [Discontinued] by Hajime322 (Hajime) with 4,662 reads. A portal opened in the anime world of COTE. In a world with quirks, the dream of his fellow quirkless. Notable Rankings #1 gojosatoru #1 jujutsuk When Gojo and you were studying at Jujutsu High, you couldn't help but fall deeply in love with your best friend. They arrived at the front of the door. Seen Through the Eyes of Goodwill. You are kinda right , before I wrote the fanfic , I too believed those were fake and cringeworthy. Some One Shots by yours truly Adisial. Cote fanfic about Kiyo I don't own the characters or story (I will change some bits but majority will follow the Ln) Support the Ln Also all photos used are not mine ctto #ayanokoji #classroomoftheelite #cote #fanfiction #hiyori #horikita #kiyotaka #kushida #ryuuen #shiina #youzitsu. The Revelation of Yamauchi The Nonexistence. Taehyung is the stepson of a man who is in debt to Junkooks father. The original work belongs to Author Syougo Kinugasa and Illustrator Tomose Shunsaku. This story is based on the web novel Chapter 125 - The Memories of the Hero. This is around when their second special exam just ended, …. Self Test is the most famous cote fanfiction and I remember entering the sub the same week it got its final update. My first time trying to write a fanfic of cote and maybe danmachi don't hate me too much xD P. It takes place before Night raid is founded and is about a group of revolutionaries seeking to overthrow not just the Empire but also the revolution. Stone) COTE X OC: The Mask Slips (COTE X OC) BROKEN SMILE (COTExOC) The Beast of the Black Room (Classroom of the Elite X OC) Some great reaction fics: You-Zitsu Reactions. First fanfic, irregular uploads, will probably suck so bad it will create a singularity, don't expect much, etc. This has to be one of the best and most intricate fanfics for the series. Karmaakabanexreader Stories. A COTE fanfic (Ayanokoji Twins) 42K 1. " " If you successfully reach Class-A, you will get freedom for your lifetime " " …. Every single COTE Reaction Fic I've seen I actually really like all the reaction fics people have done. Doing his duty as a gentleman, he investigates, only to learn that omega is Severus Snape. Levi x Titan! Reader (Original) by Beth. That is, the characters of a show or movie gather together to watch their own show. Instead, they will explore and delve into the side stories and monologues of other characters. Maybe that’s why Honeywell CEO David M. Anybody know it? Also looking fora good COTE reacts to lemons. This is basically a collection of fanfiction where a cast of characters will be watching their own anime show and react to them. Dumbledore fakes Ayonokouji's death for him in t. Shouta had always wanted a cat - it was among one of the few things he wanted more in his life. ago The True Elites by Rhymar (crossover fic, with goats from NGNL, Death Note, Code Geass) Free Will by Grjyz99 (another crossover fic but with Assassination Classroom and other less popular characters) Where the Darkest Secrets are All White by bellacajoh (timeline starts after Y2V4. This is a fanfic of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji getting his entire life torn apart when videos of his variou True Equals (classroom of the elite x male o 18 parts Ongoing. Kushida glanced around the table and smiled gently. Table of contents Last updated Aug 21, 2022. This is a fanfiction of classroom of the elite. This takes place after Year 2 Volume 1, at this time …. A gamer gets reborn in a novel ( COTE x OC ) A boy named Ishida Yuki is a genius in gaming. The first Classroom of the Elite fanfiction that we will look at has 19 chapters and over 130,000 words, so it is quite lengthy, but it is definitely worth the effort. So just try to enjoy this fanfic to the best of your abilities. What was thi What would have happened if a more broken, desperate Gwen Stacy, fell into the universe of our happ. Reader177013's Cote Reading List. React!: Classroom of the Elite Chapter 14. Chapter-1 "the strange girl on the bus" Mon, Dec 20, 2021. "You can't! This isn't─you're not─I can't─". Y/N L/N doesn't know much about his family or where he came from. ayanokouji secret brother reaction. Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,954 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: Oct 10 - Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tim M. Seven once-in-a-generation talents all apply to ANHS in the same year - rather than placing them al A Simulated Reality (COTE reacts) 5 parts. So please review! And lastly thank you very much for the 25K readers! I don't know if I really deserve this much but thank you so much! Anyway the next chapter will be out sooner than you think. Read the latest smut! stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. All its credits and rights belong to Shōgo Kinugasa. Summary: Ayano, Horikita, and Kiryuuin will be in Ryuuen's class. Koji x kushida but not the whole focus of the story, this story focuses on many aspects of cote that I wanted to happen and koji is also different in this story. The ginger haired male was clueless of what to do. There won't be much spoilers on the real novels but I assume you have read up to at least 11. Please support the official LN and Anime. 25 Best Fanfiction Writing Prompts. 1K 15 How various scenes on the light novel and some original oneshots would be if Ayanokouji was female. Classroom of the elite - Reaction (fanfiction) 194K 3. For this book, the anime (or light novel) will be Classroom of the Elite. COTE x OC (The Tyrant and The Hunt by Shimu. And I know people in the comments sakayanagi. This is a COTE fanfic where Ayanokouji uses Kushida as a cover instead of Horikita. I won't update it often, just when I feel like I need to put something up here. The entire 2nd year were informed to go to the gymnasium for an important announcement, but when they arrived, they met a figure, and with a snap, isolated the group from the entire world, and into a separate reality. But for those who haven't read any, here is a quick summary. Will anyone from outside the White Room be able to match the Monster himself?. When you feel like the world's crushing down on you, come to me. Ayanoukouji is not from white room but still be OP and have more muscular body. This is happening after the second island exam after they returned to sch. Here, four outstanding students of this generation enter ANHS, each one is placed in a different class. Come check out the story and see how it develops! Currently, th #ayanokoji #ayanokojixnanase #classroomoftheelite #cote #fanfic #horikita #ichinose #karuizawa #kei #kiyotaka #kushida #l. Chapter 2: Potential Tool and Katagiri. Amasawa Ichika and the other whiteroom student were sent to expell him. The new term is about to begin at Japan's most popular elite high school. That time I got reincarnated as a slime × Dr. *Ayanokouji will still be here* Akiyama Shou is a cold hearted person who only cares about himself and no one else. He particularly grows fond of a story named …. Suzuki Yui, daughter of a large company's chairman father and a major celebrity mother. Classroom of the elite: Ichinose x Ayanokouji (Fanfic) Kei & COTE Anime (kinda like reaction fics) Dr. Arknights Odyssey by bestknight32 reviews. 4K 16 Ayanokoji kiyotaka, a boy who has been training and studying his whole life, but now that he has a chance to live a new and peaceful life, what does he want? "I rea kiyotaka fanfiction classroomoftheelite +16 more # 2 A Man On A Mission || Classroom Of by AnkitFTW 677K 31. She is a top notcher at her class especially English. But when he encounters that same villain again months later he finds out that his whole sero. Synopsis: A new special exam was announced for the second years, the details of th Completed. This story's relationship mainly involved reader x Horikita. Ayanokouji manages to escape from the white room through the help of his butler and government officials who are currently investigating the existence of the White Room. cote reaction that I enjoyed. yuuichi tomodachigame cote classroomoftheelite ichinose ayanokoji kiyotaka horikita katagiri lightnovel ayanokouji fanfiction classroom inazuma eleven romance anime 51 Stories Sort by: Hot. 5 And 5), which the first I read in only one day T-T Furthermore, Im interested in checking some fanfics of COTE to pass time. Lee Ha-nuel is just waiting for her death in her bed. Ayanokoji will be a bit different and he will follow a faster development of his emotions. Basically reactions to Rayllum but I made up a new title. Random what if's and one-shots because every COTE fanfic author is obligated to have one of these (u can steal the ideas if u want I don't mind) Disclaimer : This is a Classroom Of The Elite Fanfic('s?). I think this would be a great fanfic seeing as the Mc's of both series are very dark and the plot would work out as a special competition! I'm not a writer but I hope someone pics it up and if you haven't watched Tomodachi game anime, then you are missing something very great. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Crossover - Naruto & Classroom of the Elite/ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ - Rated: T - Indonesian - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,195 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - …. But when the military raids the facility, Ayanokouji is finally freed from its grip. The Shoppers Drug Mart location is 5122 Chemin De La Cote-Des-Nei. The Defectives (CotE x Male Reader) Fanfiction. Coming home just to Wake up, eat, go to school, eat, go home, music lesson, eat, study or do homework, sleep. As I said, the plot is completely original and there are pretty much no interactions taken from the canon. His father came from a poor family, but through his knack for business and luck, he became one of the most powerful people ever. An ordinary tale of an un-ordinary boy. The person who wakes up is not the same little boy. The question is, will his darkness consume himand turn him into just a fake human and a true monster OR Will he achieve salvation, from. kiryuuin cote classroomoftheelite kiyotaka sakayanagi ayanokouji horikita ichinose arisu honami ayanokoji fuka kei karuizawa suzune matsushita hiyori kushida manabu shiina.